Interprofessional Education Learning Experiences at UIC

The Interprofessional Education Learning Experiences database serves as a repository for information about interprofessional education learning experiences that are currently available for students in UIC health professions programs or that have been offered in the past.

Opportunities for students to develop interprofessional collaboration competencies are evolving at UIC, and faculty are developing a variety of approaches that will ultimately contribute to the graduation of collaboration ready professionals from all programs. While not all learning experiences are interprofessional, all are intended to contribute to the development of competence in interprofessional collaboration.

There are multiple potential uses for the database including:

  • A source of ideas for developing additional IPE learning experiences
  • A mechanism for connecting faculty across health academic programs to explore ways that additional students could participate
  • A record of activities that can be used in Health Science Colleges accreditation processes, reports, and grant applications

UIC has adopted the definitions of Interprofessional Education from the World Health Organization (WHO) ( and the Collaborative for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education (CAIPE) Both definitions describe specific characteristics of interprofessional education. These definitions have in common that IPE involves groups of 2 or more learners – and these learners are learning with, from and about each other for purposes of developing collaboration skills. To include an interprofessional education learning experience in the database, please use this form to submit the information. Please submit a separate form for each learning experience offered to UIC students. All submissions will be reviewed before getting posted on the website. If there are any questions you will be contacted by the moderator of the site.

Thank you for your contribution to this important effort to build the interprofessional education curriculum at UIC! If you have any questions or comments please contact Ami Shah, Project Coordinator at the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs.